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I’ve created this webpage to display some of my recent work. Most of my experience includes media such as video, audio and website design, so this platform will be the most succinct way to preview samples.

Mission Statement:

My purpose is to help marketing agencies, communication departments and business clients tell compelling stories that connect with their target market and result in business growth.

Work Summary:

For more than a year, I've been working with high-performing marketing agencies. While I don't directly interact with the agency's clients, I am working hard behind the scenes to create effective social media content, write compelling blogs, and complete detailed eBooks to serve as gated content. I occasionally build websites and create videos too. I also have two clients I serve directly, Cottonwood Public House and Julie Roach.

Video Production and Performance



As more people choose to watch their content rather than read it, I decided to incorporate video content into the blogging strategy for Cottonwood Public House. Three times as many people chose to read this blog compared to other top-performing blogs because of the video. 

Social Media

The real star of the show for this type of video work was the social media performance. I created 20-second to 60-sescond versions of this video to share on Facebook. The typical reach of a Cottonwood Facebook post is about 600. Without boosting these videos reached 2,500. After boosting with $20, it reached 6,500.


Visitors can experience cottonwood Pub on the homepage

Above the fold is the most viewed section of a website, so it's important for visitors to understand the brand before scrolling down or changing pages. Rather than having a static homepage image, I incorporated a video that highlights some of the features of the public house.

For website visitors with limited connectivity or data, a static image will appear to prevent lagging load times.


Social Media Examples

I manage social calendars for 12 to 15 different companies in Oklahoma through McMahon Marketing in Norman. However, one of the best examples is the work I do for my client, Cottonwood Public House in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


Pizza Features

The video work I’ve done for Cottonwood Public House is especially effective. Without any promotions, I’ve increased their reach to about 2,500 with 9 link clicks and 7 shares.


Cottonwood Public House 2.png

Beer Features

Key City Brewing Co. is a important feature of Cottonwood Public House. Prior to my work for them, they had on average a 400 to 600 reach. Now, their standard posts are about 600 to 1,000 reach.


Podcasting Experience & Examples

I completed a year-long podcast project in 2016 and 2017 centered around scholarships and student loan debt strategy. I interviewed several experts in the industry to help listeners refine their college plans to reduce or eliminate their debt.  The podcast has a total of 6,700 downloads.

Audio platforms are growing in popularity. It’s a great time for businesses to leverage podcasts to communicate more effectively with their target market. It helps individuals connect with the more human side of a company. With audio, customers or followers have a chance to hear from the leaders of an organization in a less formal setting and hopefully become fans of the brand not just consumers of products.

I have two years of experience launching podcast using Libsyn, three years of experience editing audio and I can help businesses learn the technology they need to start their show.


2018 Podcast Statistics


Top Performing Blogs and Gated Content


Many blogs I write for other companies are not attributed to me. I ghost-write for the leaders at the organization, and they preview the content for accuracy since they are the industry experts.

8 Things You Must Do When Applying for a Home Loan.png

8 Things You Must Do When Applying for a Home Loan

I currently write about four blogs per month for WEOKIE. This particular blog received 207 views, 1 new contact and visitors on average spent 4 minutes reading the content.

Your Guide to Manufacturing and Launching a Supplement Line 2.png

Your Guide to Manufacturing and Launching a Supplement Line

This is an ebook that has experienced steady performance, and is in fact, performing even better now than when it was published in May of this year.

75 Most Popular Supplements of 2018.png
Ameri-Kal Blog

75 Most Popular Supplements of 2018

This gated piece content has been an all-star at helping Ameri-Kal obtain new contacts. In fact, it is ranking on the front page of Google for several keywords. So far, they've receive 159 submissions and 71 new contacts.


Example of a Blog with Complex Information

Sometimes blogs have complex information that require research skills. This blog features several different vitamins included in multivitamin supplements, which required researching their benefits and purpose on government websites and medical journals. I completed in the content in approximately three hours.

Website Redesign Examples

Here are some of my website redesigns from this year. The images link to the sites for you to explore. I can typically complete a website redesign in approximately 20 days. However, the amount of time needed varies based on the complexity of the website.

For example, I completed the campaign landing page for Julie Roach in about 72 hours, but Cottonwood Public House required about 17 days to complete with ongoing updates as needed.

I’m an Author

I wrote Strategic Scholar earlier this fall to provide a detailed response to families who want to know the answer to the question, “how do I find and win scholarships.” I don’t always have time to dedicate to coaching students and families on scholarship strategies, so this is the next best option. Below is a screen grab of the strategic scholar website.

I wrote this book in six weeks, and it is an example of how I can have an idea and diligently execute it through completion.

You can view the book on Amazon at

Writing Samples

I’ve worked as a reporter in some capacity for the last six years. For two years, I served as a full-time government and education reporter for the Claremore Daily Progress. Currently, I am responsible for ten feature stories for the Edmond Sun’s 20 under 40 annual publication. I also write four to five business feature stories each month for the Business Times Magazine. While I specialize in features, I am also an experienced investigative reporter. The stories below are samples of both features and investigative work for various news agencies.


Aging electric infrastructure poses challenges for city

I covered Claremore electric for two years. I am still a resource for other writers who continue to cover the issue. Claremore has usually high electric bills for some residents in the town. In my effort to hunt down a reason, I examined the issue of aging infrastructure in the community, which required interviewing experts and talking with leaders. Currently, the city is undergoing an audit of its electric systems.

Cottonwood 2.jpg

Cottonwood Feature

In a public relations role, I helped Cottonwood Public House receive coverage in the Clarion Ledger in Mississippi. Its the largest news agency in Mississippi. This story represents much of the business feature writing I do for many companies from cigar lounges to dog treat companies. I enjoy finding the most interesting pieces of a company’s story and sharing with the community.

teacher feature.jpg

Teacher Features

I had an opportunity to write a powerful feature series on teachers in Claremore, Okla. The teachers discussed the conditions in the classrooms following steep annual budget cuts to education in the state.

I talked with teachers in every grade who has been in the profession for a decade or longer. They reminisced about how many resources they had ten years ago compared to the strategies they have to implement now just to survive the school year.

One teacher talked about how she’d always find a way to teach even if it required her to sit on a sidewalk with chalk because they could no longer afford pencils and paper.


Train Town

While at the Claremore Daily Progress, I wrote an investigative series called Train Town. The series outlined Claremore’s long history of trying and failing to find a solution to their local train problem that often leads to debilitating traffic congestion. It also featured how trains affected EMS response time, caused economic slowdowns and impacted the environment.

The series gained national attention after the Associated Press shared it. It also grabbed the attention of the two train companies, BNSF and UP, which lead to a summit between the companies and the city leaders to craft a solution to the trains consistently stopping in the town. The work won third place at the annual Associated Press reporter recognition ceremony.

Oklahoma Lottery Article

Lottery and Education

Another education article featured an in-depth look at the Oklahoma lottery and its relationship to education funding. The commission was working to change the rules of the Oklahoma lottery in an attempt to increase the amount of funding available for classrooms.

The theme was “less of more is more than more of less.”

Essentially, the commission argued if they had more funding to invest in the lottery, they could increase the revenue of the games and increase education funding even if it was a smaller percentage of the overall profits.

To complete the article, I talked with lottery commissions around the country who had made similar lottery structure changes


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